Networking device switch hub lan cable rj45 crimper etc in Imus, Calabarzon for sale

Computers and Parts

* 8port switch hub TPlink PRICE:800 wsale:700
* 16port switch hub TPlink PRICE:1300 wsale:1200
* 24port switch hub Tplink PRICE:2200 wsale:2100
* 8Port Gigabit Switch PRICE:2000 wsale:1900
* 16Port Gigabit Switch PRICE:3400 wsale:3300
* 24Port Gigabit Swtich PRICE:5300 wsale:5200
* Wifi Router 4port Tenda W311R PRICE:1k wsale:900
* UTP Cable Cat5e per meter PRICE:12 wsale:10
* UTP Cable Cat5e 1box 305meter PRICE:1300 wsale:1200
* CAT6 Cable for Diskless per meter PRICE:25 wsale:20
* CAT6 Cable for Diskless 1box 300meters PRICE:2500 wsale:2400
*Crimper Price : 300 wsale : 250
* willing for COD (cash on delivery)
* with store warranty
* no history of repair