AMD Brandnew Desktop for Gaming in Imus, Calabarzon for sale

Computers and Parts

* CPU A48350 3.9ghz (bnew)
* Vcard Onboard R5 series (can play Dota2 Lol Cf SF 2k14 etc)
* Fm2+ Mobo Koyo (bnew)
* 4gb ram ddr3 Kingston (bnew)
* 160gb sata (used)
* ATX Casing + PSU (used)
* 17inches Square LCD Monitor (used)
* A4tech Keyboard n Mouse PS2 (bnew)
* Free Gaming Mousepad (bnew)
* Free OS, games, etc
PRICE: 8500 wsale: 8400
add 400 A6 6400k (bnew)
add 900 A6 7400k Kaveri
add 2200 A8 7500k Quadcore Kaveri (bnew)
add 200 250gb sata (used)
add 300 320gb sata (used)
add 1600 500gb sata (bnew)
add 1500 Dual Pisonet Minibox
* Good Condition Tested w/ Store Warranty
* No History of Repair